Feds: New Grove Manor Nursing Home Among Worst in New Jersey

New Grove ManorNew Grove Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation in East Orange, New Jersey, is among the worst-performing nursing homes in the state, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Managed by the for-profit corporation Allaire Health Services, New Grove Manor has been plagued with citations and violations that have the potential to put elderly and vulnerable residents at risk.

According to a March 29, 2019 inspection report filed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services:

  • One resident was allegedly not given prescribed eye drops and was not seen by an ophthalmologist as required
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) allegedly had improper handwashing technique
  • A resident allegedly had a wound without treatment or dressing
  • The facility allegedly failed to conduct dietary assessments for a resident with a pressure ulcer and a resident with a feeding tube
  • The nurse practitioner allegedly had not seen the attending physician for months.
  • The facility allegedly failed to obtain medication in a timely fashion.
  • The facility allegedly failed to administer medication at proper times.
  • A meal ticket purportedly included an item a resident was allergic to and the facility allegedly failed to ensure “the provision of an adequate protein source for an alternate lunch meal.”
  • Allegedly, “based on observation, interview and record review, it was determined that the facility failed to ensure that all medications were administered without error of 5% or more … [there was] a medication administration error rate of 6.45%.”

Six months earlier, on September 14, 2018, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services filed an inspection report. They were made aware of two Immediate Jeopardy situations that had occurred in the days prior. Both related to the facility’s failure to ensure proper pureed food consistency for a resident with a history of aspiration. In another instance, the facility restrained a resident using a jumpsuit and mittens but did not have the consent of the resident’s family. According to ProPublica, after this inspection, the facility was fined $25,755.

In an inspection report dated September 15, 2017, several deficiencies were documented:

  • “…The surveyor interviewed the residents concerning their Personal Needs Account (PNA). Four of the six residents in attendance indicated that they manage their own finances, but did not receive their PNA statements on a quarterly basis. These four residents stated that they were aware they were supposed to receive them quarterly, but when they asked the business office for a statement, they get a million excuses why they can’t have an account statement. They further stated that the when they requested for an account balance in the business office, no one would take responsibility to provide it.”
  • Allegedly, the facility failed to “ensure the oxygen supply in accordance with physician orders to a newly readmitted resident”
  • Allegedly, “the facility failed to implement a bed alarm for a resident with recurrent falls in accordance with a resident’s plan of care.”
  • Allegedly, “the facility failed to … ensure an electric burner stove was turned to the off-position inside an unattended kitchen area with a closed door… ensure the sprinkler head in the same kitchen was not blocked by a suspended light fixture, and … ensure a flammable cleaning solution was not stored in proximity of the area.” This created an Immediate Jeopardy situation.
  • Allegedly, “the facility failed to … implement new safety interventions for a resident with recurring falls from the bed … ensure there was a physician order and consent for the use of side rails for the same resident, and … supervise a resident while a physical restraint was not in use.” This created an Immediate Jeopardy situation. Furthermore, “The DON [Director of Nursing] /ADON [Assistant Director of Nursing] also confirmed that there was no consent for the use of side rails for this resident, as they were not aware a consent was needed for the use of side rails if it was not considered a physical restraint.”

Due to a pattern of violations, New Grove Manor is on the “Special Focus” list. What is the Special Focus list? The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) started the Special Focus Program to address nursing homes that have:

  • More than twice the number of deficiencies than other nursing homes
  • More serious problems, including harm or injury to residents
  • A pattern of serious problems beginning three years before the facility was placed on the SFF list

New Grove ManorSpecial Focus Facilities are inspected by federal surveyors every six months. If facilities improve, they can graduate from the SFF list. If facilities need more time to improve, they can be given an extension of 16 to 24 months. If they fail to make the needed improvements, they can be terminated from Medicare and Medicaid. Facilities without Medicare and Medicaid funding can stay open, but, because facilities rely so heavily on that funding, most eventually close.

New Grove Manor appears to no longer be listed on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Nursing Home Compare database, a free tool that consumers can use to compare the records of different nursing homes they are considering. The other New Jersey nursing home on the SFF list is Cornell Hall Care & Rehabilitation Center, Union, New Jersey.

There are several New Jersey nursing homes on the Special Focus Facility (SFF) Candidate List, meaning they are at risk of being put on the SFF Candidate List:

  • Baptist Home of South Jersey of Riverton, New Jersey
  • Cranford Park Rehabilitation of Cranford, New Jersey
  • Forest Manor HCC of Hope, New Jersey
  • Jefferson Health Care Center of Sewell, New Jersey
  • Our Lady’s Center for Rehabilitation & HC of Pleasantville, New Jersey
  • Riverfront Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center of Pennsauken, New Jersey
  • Riverside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Trenton, New Jersey
  • Sterling Manor of Maple Shade, New Jersey
  • The Wanaque Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation of Haskell, New Jersey
  • The Waterview Center of Cedar Grove, New Jersey

If you have questions about the Special Focus Program, New Grove Manor, or if you think you or a family member may be a victim of nursing home neglect, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney. Call (877) 238-4175 or email