Elder Abuse

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Elder abuse or neglect is an increasingly widespread problem these days. It is the physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse or neglect of our elders. Mistreatment may happen at the end of people who are entrusted with their care such as caregivers, nursing homes, medical care units, and more.  The cases of elderly abuse are difficult to trace. These cases are handled by senior abuse lawyers. They help in identifying whether your loved one has been a victim of elder abuse or not.

Elder abuse can include many things including bite marks, depression, dehydration, anxiety, nursing home infection, anxiety, malnutrition, hidden injuries, sexual assault, bed sores and more. It can also include conduct that was intentionally done with the purpose of causing humiliation, physical pain, and mental distress to an elderly person.

Different types of elder abuse

There are many different types of senior citizen abuse. They may take many forms including

  • Physical – Physical abuse includes bodily injury, assault, pain, or impairment.
  • Emotional – The use of verbal or non-verbal acts that instill fear, distress or anxiety.
  • Sexual – Any act done without the consent of the elderly person falls under the category of sexual abuse.
  • Neglect –You send your loved one to a nursing home or any elderly facility center. And they don’t take the responsibility of providing full care to your loved ones. In simple words, their duties remain unfulfilled.
  • Abandonment – Abandonment happens when the person taking care of the elderly person leaves their patients unattended or alone.

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