The Baptist Home at Brookmeade: 5 Public Health Citations, 1 Sanction

The Baptist HomePublic records provided by the New York State Department of Health, accessed on May 23, 2019, indicate that The Baptist Home at Brookmeade in Rhinebeck, New York has received citations and a sanction from the Department of Health. Our law firm is interested in hearing from patients who have complaints regarding The Baptist Home at Brookmeade.

Citations for The Baptist Home at Brookmeade

April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2019

Measure This Facility
Standard Health Citation 4
Life Safety Code Citation 1
Total Citations 5
Citations Related to Actual Harm or Immediate Jeopardy 0
Percentage of Citations Related to Actual Harm or Immediate Jeopardy 0.0%

The citations above resulted from a total of one inspection. Records also list also 1 inspection resulting in no citations.

[Source: New York State Department of Health, accessed May 23, 2019]

Located in Rhinebeck, New York, The Baptist Home at Brookmeade is owned by a not-for-profit corporation and operated by Baptist Home of Brooklyn NY Inc. It holds a total of 120 beds and provides baseline services, outpatient occupational therapy, outpatient physical therapy, and outpatient speech language pathology therapy. The Medicaid and Medicare-certified center has an employee flu vaccination rate of 97% and an occupancy rate of 90%. Its operating certificate number is 1327301N.

According to the nursing home’s Department of Health records, it has received 17 complaints alleging that it violated federal or state regulations, or provided inadequate care. It has also received 4 standard health citations, one life safety code citation, and one sanction.

In 2017 The Baptist Home at Brookmeade received citations in connection to findings of deficiencies in its compliance with public health law provisions regarding the development of comprehensive care plans; the maintenance of drug regimens free from unnecessary drugs; care and services for patients with incontinence; the notification of changes such as injuries, rooming assignments, or declines in status; and the illumination of means of egress. Specifically, among other findings, the citations stated that the facility failed to ensure that all of the medications prescribed and administered to one of five residents were necessary; and that the designated representative of one resident was not promptly informed of a need to alter that resident’s dietary care plan. In connection with these citations, the nursing home established plans of correction approved by public health authorities.

In 2009 the nursing home was sanctioned in connection to findings it violated New York public health laws regarding accidents and organizational and administrative policies and procedures. It was ordered to pay a civil penalty of $4,000.

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